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Orange County Massage FAQ

Orange County Massage Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions

Business Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Explain What Table Massage Is?

I’ll use a professionally designed table that allows therapeutic massage to be done while you are comfortably lying down. Whether you would like a relaxing massage or one that treats aches & pains, I will provide a custom bodywork session tailored to your specific needs. Typically, my table massages last from 1 to 2 hours and focus on decreasing tension and pain found in the soft tissues of the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. I’m confident that you will find massage to be surprisingly effective in decreasing your stress level as well as enhancing your overall well-being. I may use several different massage modalities all of which involve stroking, kneading, compression, friction, and normal range of joint movement if you’d like. The movements I use are accomplished with the use of my hands, arms, forearms, and elbows.

Is the information I give you confidential?

Yes. The information that you provide me with during our time together is between you and I. Whether that information is medical, occupational, spiritual, or…etc. I will not use your name or other identity in conversations with others. And for that reason, I cannot even discuss a massage session about someone you may have referred to me. Further, confidentiality also refers to public recognition. I will not acknowledge you in public unless you approach and greet me first. If I did, you may feel that I have put you in a position of having it revealed that you were seeking professional services that you prefer kept private.

Do you offer house and office calls?

Yes. House calls have become the emphasis of my practice simply due to demand. Massage in Orange County is available to all residents as well as some parts of Los Angeles . For residents that want massage in Los Angeles , please call me first to verify that I am available in your area. Some of the advantages that clients have expressed to me when getting house call service are: “we feel more comfortable in our own home, we don't have to raise our blood pressure fighting traffic to and from the session, and since we are already home…we can go right to bed after the massage if we desire.”

Available Cities For Orange County Massage Therapy For Couples Massage, Individual & Corporate:

Aliso Viejo
Anaheim Hills
Capistrano Beach
Corona Del Mar
Costa Mesa
Coto De Caza
Dana Point
Dove Canyon
El Toro
Foothill Ranch
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
Ladera Ranch
La Habra
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Lake Forest
Las Flores
Mission Viejo
Monarch Bay
Portola Hills
San Clemente
San Juan Capistrano
Santa Ana
Seal Beach
Sunset Beach
Tustin Ranch And Tustin City
Trabuco Canyon
Villa Park
Yorba Linda
Rancho Santa Margarita

Can I book a couples massage with a friend?

Yes. Schedule permitting, I offer couples massage to anyone who requests it. The second person that you choose to have a session with may be either male or female. Each one of you will get my full attention as I massage you one at a time. Right after I finish with the first person, I will call for the 2nd to begin their bodywork session. The 2nd person must promptly be available for their session right after I finish massaging the first. The only time I need between the 2 independent sessions is a minute or two to sanitize my hands and replace the table with fresh sheets.

What are the business hours of your massage service?

When do you need me? My current hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. However, I will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your timing needs as my schedule permits. I have always been on call for clients. Also, it is very common that I drop personal affairs for clients that are suddenly in pain and need me ASAP. What can I say. Massage is my passion. I typically need about an hour if driving to you. Every aspect of my massage service is customized to the needs of each individual client. Scheduling is no different.

Should I book my massage treatment in advance?

2 or 3 days in advance is typically a good idea if your confident you can commit to a specific time slot. However, “Last Minute Appointments are available to you everyday of the week.” Because stress and pain don't keep to a regular, predictable schedule in your life, I make my massage practice open and available to you when you need me…. where you need me. Remember the family doctors and nurses in the early 1900's that would go to you whenever and wherever you were because you were sick and bed ridden? In my home country of the Philippines , this is still a common practice for many as doctors and nurses commonly serve and care for the same group of families for decades.

Will you accept my massage referrals to you?

Yes. “I absolutely love referrals and don’t know where I would be without them.” Allow me to thank you ahead of time for your faith in me as a person and your choice in a massage therapist. I also believe that referrals are a testament of my love and appreciation for my clients and the respect I have for the field of touch therapy.

I understand that you may feel your word and reputation is “on the line” each time you have made a referral in the past to someone. That's no small thing. I take your referrals very serious… hey it could be your boss and he's a little nervous about his very first massage. No worries. I'll calm his nerves with a hero's welcome and a soothing massage that he'll be thanking you for days to come. I'll make him feel great….you look good….and I will have had the pleasure of massaging someone new.

What is your massage cancellation policy?

This is a very important aspect of my practice. I ask that you call me the day before the session date we have set up for you if you feel you must cancel. I want all my prospective clients to understand that a lot of time and preparation goes into a massage session and that several other people may have requested that exact same time slot that is reserved for you. If you need to cancel at the last minute, try to call me immediately if I am driving to your home.

Are you certified by an approved massage school?

Yes, by the Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy (WIN) in Laguna Hills , Ca. This is a leading, well-established and reputable massage school that has a nationally certified massage curriculum and is state approved. I spent two years in nursing school in the Philippines as well.

How can I buy gift certificates from you?

Just call me at 714 366 3993. We can either send it to you or the recipient. Gift certificates are always available for you to purchase. You may buy them for an individual, couple, or company. You're free to buy one session or multiple sessions. And the good news is? These are no-risk…high reward gifts. If not redeemed by the person you gave it to after 6 months, you may either use it for your own enjoyment or we'll send you another to give to someone new. It simply will not expire until redeemed.
Orange County Massage Gift Certificates

Client Centered Frequently Asked Questions

When should I not receive a massage?

If you have any of the following conditions you should not receive a massage without doctor approval:

Heart disease Liver/Kidney disease
Fever Any type of infectious disease
Toxemia Open skin lesions/blood clots
Severe cold Systemic infection

Use these as guidelines. We don’t want to make an underlying medical condition worse. When in doubt, phone your doctor and ask. Please inform me of any health problems or medications you are taking (even aspirin). I am equally interested if you have areas that are inflamed, show redness or rash, as well as any general swelling or varicose veins.

Do you have a comfortable massage table?

Yes. My new Earthlite Spirit massage table has 3 inches of ultra-leather padding and is extremely comfy and inviting. This table is so relaxing that a majority of my clients fall soundly asleep on it as I care for them. If you weigh 400 lbs…not to worry. It's squeak-proof, rated well above 400 pounds, and has cradled people taller than 6'8”. I have two additional table attachments that will further add to your comfort: a face cradle to lay your head in so we can rest your neck and back and have them aligned for greater muscular access, as well as table side extensions which allow you to spread your arms out beyond the table. I also have a new, state of the art massage chair with comfortable ultra-leather padding if you are unable to receive a massage lying down. In addition to the above massage table, I also have a very capable ultra-leather Earthlite Pegasus massage table as well as a Stronglite Ergo-Pro massage chair.

What should I wear while on the table?

You may wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. You will always be covered by your preference of a sheet or towel. My personal preference is that you remove everything including your under garments so that I can more effectively work with your body. Your gluteals are massaged with the sheet still covering this muscle group. As for the rest of your body, you will remain comfortably covered while only the muscle that I am currently working on is uncovered. My clients continually tell me that the draping is comfortable, professional, and allows free movement. Massage in orange county, California .

What type of lotion do you use with your massage?

Biotone hypoallergenic cream with arnica and ivy (no shower necessary after the session). Massage without the mess . Compared to oils, many clients immediately love this cream because its molecular weight is so light and therefore absorbable. It's effective in hydrating your skin, providing a smooth glide along the skins surface (even if you have coarse hair) and has very little fragrance. Have you ever been massaged with thick oil as the lubricant? My personal thoughts are usually…”Now that was a great massage, but wow do I need a shower to get this oil off me.” But not with the cream that I use. Feel comfortable going straight to bed right after your bodywork. You may also choose to use your own oil or lotion as well.

Many therapists use a wide variety of lubricants including: oils, creams, and lotions. Aromatherapies may be used in oils as well.

Do you offer various types of music?

Absolutely, and it's up to you if you want music that is invigorating and upbeat to complement an uplifting session….or….maybe something soft and soothing to go along with a relaxation massage. If you need, I will bring along a portable stereo with a variety of music. Much of this music is very therapeutic and unique. You may play your own music as well.

During our massage therapy, can I talk with you?

Yes, you may talk as much or as little as you like . Some people talk to release pent-up emotional and mental stress (opinion), while others are equally comfortable remaining quiet as they drift into a deeper state of relaxation . I have a controlled mouth and an unconditional ear …so talk away if you like. Feel free to do what comes natural to you, including falling asleep the entire session. I personally believe that the deepest and longest lasting results are achieved by limiting your conversation, quieting your mind, and listening to the secrets your body consistently hides/masks from your conscious thoughts as you go about your busy daily activities. So yes, while receiving your massage in orange county feel free to talk if you like.

Can I eat right before my massage treatment?

Your massage will more than likely be even more pleasant if you refrain from eating a big meal right before our meeting. The abdomen is more easily massaged with less in it. Also, if the food you eat has any sugars or caffeine, expect your body to take a little longer to relax into the massage. Subsequently, it's very possible that your mind may not absorb all of your body's feedback (metal focus) initially as the stimulants are still in the bloodstream. Some people prefer to skip a stomach massage if they just ate a large meal. It's your choice. Alcohol consumption prior to your session should be avoided.

You’re so small. Can you do deep tissue massage?

Your massage will more than likely be even more pleasant if you refrain from eating a big meal right before our meeting. The abdomen is more easily massaged with less in it. Also, if the food you eat has any sugars or caffeine, expect your body to take a little longer to relax into the massage. Subsequently, it's very possible that your mind may not absorb all of your body's feedback (metal focus) initially as the stimulants are still in the bloodstream. Some people prefer to skip a stomach massage if they just ate a large meal. It's your choice. Alcohol consumption prior to your session should be avoided.

You will find that a high % of spas, clinics, and even individual therapists have higher prices if you desire a deep tissue massage. The benefits received are well worth the few extra dollars spent. The extra cost is due to the fact that deep tissue techniques require the therapist to have an even greater focus & understanding of individual muscles and surrounding fascial matrix. A knowledgeable background in various treatment techniques is also important. Typically, deep tissue massage is more taxing on the therapist's hands as well and may limit the amount of hours a therapist can comfortably work in a given week.

Will I be in pain during/after my massage session?

No. If you desire a soft-soothing relaxation massage, then that is exactly what you will experience during the session and for a couple of days following the treatment. On the other hand, the various deep tissue techniques that we can use (if you choose) to relieve muscles that have become shortened, contracted and stiff may at times generate varying levels of light pain. However, it's my main priority to perform a massage that always remains within your comfort zone. A deep massage for tight muscles may leave some residual soreness for a couple of days similar to a workout at the gym. However, it's my main priority to perform a massage that always remains within your comfort zone. When it comes right down to it, the level of pressure and depth is always tailored to your liking. Massage Orange County.

Can massage improve my athletic level?

Although no evidence has been found to support claims that massage can increase muscle tone or directly increase muscle strength or bulk, professional athletes from many sports continue to credit touch therapy as a phenomenal aid to their success. I am confident that you will come to depend on therapeutic massage for relief from muscular soreness and stiffness. Many claim faster and stronger muscle contractions due to improved flexibility and less potential for injury. It's very possible that a regular maintenance program can help you reach optimal performance through more intense injury-free training (opinion).

Thanks for reading this page about orange county massage therapy with therapist Margie. And welcome everyone to my Orange County Massage Therapy Practice.

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