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Yonkers Massage Therapists For Massage Therapy In Yonkers NY

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Luz's Spa is owned by Luz Cuenu. A certified massage therapist and instructor who have dedicated her life to provide the art & science of the benefits of massage therapy. She was trained in Feldenkrais Movement Institute and is a member of the International Massage Association (IMA). Luz brings massage to several hospitals in her area and is connected with many doctors. She provides Aromatherapy and Bone Therapy, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Massage, Medical and Back Massage, Scalp and Pre-Natal Massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu, Swedish and Sports Massage. The spa also offers rebalancing facial treatments and purifying body treatments. Luz's Spa is located in Yonkers, New York and also in Newark, New Jersey. She believes in healing benefits with the use of natural products such as herbs and flowers.