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A healing space is a place where knowledge is power. People who are in pain or experiencing too much stress often stay that way due to lack of education for their own wellness. Those around them may not understand what they are going through physiologically either and sadly, in some cases don't want to hear about it. This can lead the sufferer to the point of dissociating from their own pain, living with dysfunction, and progressing to chronic states. Anyone in this kind of situation not only needs validation, but also to be given hope and information for empowerment toward their own betterment. Does this sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then step inside and take a look around. The information you'll find here is geared to assist and educate those who are experiencing discomfort caused by sub acute or chronic muscular conditions and/or for those who feel a need for deep relaxation. I know from personal experience that forming healthy neuromuscular patterns can reduce and often eliminate pain and the relaxation response brought on through working with the parasympathetic nervous system has benefits not to be missed.

They are known to be the best massage therapists in Vancouver but actions speaks louder than words, at Essence of Health they want you to experience what you may have not gone through before. They offer alternative healing through massage with the healing hands of professional & licensed massage therapists. They have a staff that has been educated & trained in their respective massage schools & are nationally certified. At Essence of Health, a team of therapist are gathered together who have been licensed in the state to provide you extraordinary healing. Services come in different techniques of massage therapy & may be combined into one session. If you want to save time & gas, you can have their therapist come to your location, that can be your workplace, private events, or at any area. It is all about you in this company.


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