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O.C. Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate Chair Massage in Orange County, California.

Chair massage services offered to businesses and events of all sizes in the Orange County, California area.

Chair Massage Benefits

Via a gentle, non-invasive manipulative technique, this therapy encourages your own natural mechanisms to improve the functioning of your brain cand spinal cord to dissipate the negative effects of stress, promote good health, and enhance resistance to disease.

  • Increased Employee Productivity and Efficiency
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Decreased Use of Sick Leave
  • Decreased Feelings of Work-related Anxiety
  • Decreased Disability Claims
  • Decreased Employee Turn-over
The list goes on...


$145 Per Hour


One time or on a regular basis as the employees/management desire.

Available Cities For Orange County Massage Therapy For Couples Massage, Individual & Corporate:

Aliso Viejo
Anaheim Hills
Capistrano Beach
Corona Del Mar
Costa Mesa
Coto De Caza
Dana Point
Dove Canyon
El Toro
Foothill Ranch
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
Ladera Ranch
La Habra
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Lake Forest
Las Flores
Mission Viejo
Monarch Bay
Portola Hills
San Clemente
San Juan Capistrano
Santa Ana
Seal Beach
Sunset Beach
Tustin Ranch And Tustin City
Trabuco Canyon
Villa Park
Yorba Linda
Rancho Santa Margarita

Margie's Availability

Throughout the daytime hours, i can be contracted fairly easy. Long hours are always welcome - I have a great disposition and am easy going. I am always on time, emphasis communication, and have never canceled a session in over 2 years.


None needed unless the company desires one. You may discontinue service at any time.

Setup/Breakdown Time (minutes)

To your benefit, these minutes are never counted. I am yet to start.

Other Massage Practitioners

Can be made available if desired.

Area Needed

A small room would be great that would allow me to close the door when working and have open when ready for the next client.

Sign in Sheet

An HR person or someone else can be in charge of the employee sign up sheet. The sign in sheet needs to be passed around to employees or posted so that people are made aware of dates previous to my coming. If the company is to pay for the service, then i recommend each employee come one after the other so there are very little breaks between people. It insures the company that their money is well spent. Important: if each employee is to be paying for themselves, I recommend the sign in sheet have 2 minutes between each person - they frequently want to discuss their level of pain. I have been successful with making this go smoothly!

2 Ways We Can Smoothly Incorporate Massage Into Your Office


Your company can pay for the employee massages.

A minimum of 2 booked hours is appreciated. This is typically the arrangement for the first date that I come because the company wants to encourage the use of the service. By the company paying for a few hours the first time, it sends a message to the employees that to a certain degree the management has endorsed its use. I am using the word "endorsed" for lack of a better word. The following dates I come would be paid out of pocket by each individual employee who desires a massage. Example, if I am booked from 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. then the cost would be $280.


The employee can pay out of pocket for the service. (5 minute minimum each)

The best option in my experience. Each employee desiring a massage chooses how long they want a massage and writes it on the sign in sheet. 15 minutes is highly recommended for various reasons. Employee is only charged while sitting in chair and being massaged. If the employee is late or on the phone - No problem - we can try to fit them in later.

Sign In Sheet Example If Employees Pay:
(Approximately 2 Minutes Between Clients)

Name Time Minutes
JASON DECKER 1200-1215 15
KELLY WILLIS 1217-1227 10
KEL VARNSEN 1229-1249 20
PAUL HENDER 1251-1256 5

You will be very surprised how many people will not only start using this service, (and paying for it themselves no less) but how they each come to look forward to it. Each time I seem to come, I see new faces and more signatures. Please give me a call, we can make setting this up very easy.

The benefits of massage therapy are endless.

Thanks for reading this page about orange county massage therapy with therapist Margie. And welcome everyone to my Orange County Massage Therapy Practice.

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