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Massage Gift Certificates

Purchase Gift Certificates For Massage In Orange County, California

“Margie’s Magic Of Massage Gift Certificates Are Perfect For The Person Who Has Everything”

Forget your cares and worries and enter an atmosphere of tranquility and seclusion as you escape through the soothing hands of your own professional massage therapist. No other gift lets you relax, unwind, and get away from today’s fast paced lifestyle. The gift of massage is a treasured offering and an unexpected surprise that’s a wonderful expression of your good taste and friendship.

Some Advantages Of Buying a Massage Gift Certificate (Call 714.366.3993 to buy)

Perfect for everyone on your list.

Don't know what to get your friends or loved ones? Massage Gift Certificates are an ideal solution when searching for an imaginative present guaranteed tot of touch). It's perfect all year long.

Massage is The Incomparable Gift for Any-body (size/shape/age/color), any occasion (just because is the best reason), and anytime (whenever you're feeling under-appreciated, stressed, in pain, or out of sync with your environment).

A unique gift that’s affordable.

Massage gift certificates are a gift idea that won’t break the bank. I’m sure that if you’ve ever received a massage before, you’ll agree that massage therapy is a phenomenal value considering the incredible benefits received.

It’s a safe (no risk) purchase.

There is absolutely no risk or chance that the purchase of your gift certificate will go unused. Be confident that your $$ is well spent knowing that you may gift it to someone new after 6 months if the first recipient doesn’t use it. It will boomerang right back to you. I will give you a call if it remains unused and even send you a new certificate if you want to send it to someone new.

The recipient can redeem it anytime.

These Massage Gift Certificates are advantageous because they give the recipient the freedom to call for their massage anytime within 6 months of its purchase. I am available 7 days a week, including holidays.

One call does it all.

It’s quick & easy to buy one and your thoughtfulness will be definitely appreciated….and probably rewarded. The gift of touch is just a phone call away 714. 366. 3993. If you think about it, Massage Gift Certificates are a lot more personal than cash and let’s them know that you spent some time searching for something imaginative and unique for their enjoyment.

Available Cities For Orange County Massage Therapy For Couples Massage, Individual & Corporate:

Aliso Viejo
Anaheim Hills
Capistrano Beach
Corona Del Mar
Costa Mesa
Coto De Caza
Dana Point
Dove Canyon
El Toro
Foothill Ranch
Fountain Valley
Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
Ladera Ranch
La Habra
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Lake Forest
Las Flores
Mission Viejo
Monarch Bay
Portola Hills
San Clemente
San Juan Capistrano
Santa Ana
Seal Beach
Sunset Beach
Tustin Ranch And Tustin City
Trabuco Canyon
Villa Park
Yorba Linda
Rancho Santa Margarita

Professional, yet friendly service they’ll enjoy.

And the most important advantage? Knowing that your buying from a professional, yet friendly & caring therapist who goes to great lengths to make sure each and every client receives an epic massage. The emphasis will be on treating them with unconditional care through therapeutic touch. I promise, they’ll be in good hands.

Employee incentive Thank you Happy Birthday
Last minute gift solution I’m sorry Valentine’s Day
Busy people on the go Congratulations Mother’s Day
Frequent airplane flyers Thinking of you New Years Gift

A friend that’s fighting aches and pain.

Wow, we definitely can’t forget about this person. Talk about a prime candidate for a massage gift certificate. Believe me, deep tissue massage and sports massage can deliver significant results when used to treat the deeper muscles of the body. The gift of wellness…. an unexpected gift that’s sure to please and lift the spirits of those you know who commonly wrestle with chronic aches and pain.


A massage gift certificate may not be the first gift that comes to mind when considering a unique present for a newly married couple. But think about it for a moment. Newlyweds are frequently under heavy pressure and time constraints as they prepare for their long awaited wedding. Additionally, when they arrive home from their honeymoon, couples commonly start to feel the fatigue of accumulated stress that has been deferred for as long as a month in some cases. In this hectic time in a couple’s life, your gift will be impeccably timed and well received. Hey, they may just make a hero out of you.


How about a gift for yourself? You as much as anyone deserve to indulge a bit too. Discover the joy of not only giving but also receiving. If your birthday or some other occasion is soon approaching, consider giving those who care about you some hints that you would really enjoy a massage gift certificate. Refer them to my website for information or have them call 714.366.3993. Ask for me….your personal massage therapist. You may also want to treat yourself and come into the clinic for a quick lunch break pampering or “pick me up” to re-energize yourself.
P.S. “Whenever you just want to say thank you or bring a little pleasure into somebody’s life….or perhaps a big smile….I’ll be waiting with my massage table when they get the thirst to savor the good things in life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I physically obtain the gift certificate?

I can either mail it to your special person on your behalf or mail it directly to you. You only need to send me a money order or a check for the certificate. Your gift will go in the mail the next day.

How fast can I get the gift certificate?

I have every intention of getting it out to you fast via the mail. However, at times it may even be possible to drop by your home and leave it in your mailbox or give it to you personally when you must have it *NOW*. This is contingent on whether I am near you in the Orange County area and if my schedule permits. I may charge slightly more.

Do your gift certificates have an expiration date?

Yes and no. Yes, your certificate will expire 6 months from the time it was purchased. The purchase date will be on the certificate. If the gift is not redeemed within 6 months, it will revert back to the person who initially purchased it. That person may: 1. gift it to someone new, 2. redeem it for their own personal use, or 3. possibly choose to extend it to you for another opportunity to use.

Are there any times when I cannot use my gift certificate?

No. I will try to do everything reasonable to schedule you as soon as you need your massage session. In fact, I’ll try to prioritize you before other clients because the session has already been paid for. People redeeming gift certificates are scheduled ASAP for convenience and fairness.

How do I redeem my gift certificate?

To use your gift certificate simply call me, Margie at 714.366.3993 and make an appointment. When you talk with me, please mention that you have a gift certificate that you would like to use for the session. Unfortunately, I currently do not sell gift certificates through my website nor schedule massage sessions by email.

Can I return a gift certificate for $$?

No, it may only be redeemed for a massage therapy treatment session with yours truly (Margie). Although the certificates are not refundable, they are transferable (see below).

Can I transfer/give my gift certificate to someone else?

Yes, you may give it to another person within the 6-month expiration time on the certificate. However, if the person you gave it to does not use it within 6 months of it being initially purchased, it will revert back to the original purchaser. After 6 months, all gifts return to the original buyer and it is their decision as to what they want to do with it. We want to assure the buyer of the massage gift that their $$ will never be lost.

Thanks for reading this page about orange county massage therapy with therapist Margie. And welcome everyone to my Orange County Massage Therapy Practice.

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